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2014-02-01 Wardell Report The Wardell Report – Sep 13

The Cummings Report – Almond Status

2014-01-31 Cummings Report Cummings Report – Sept 13

New Research on Expanded Pollen Sources

Project Apis m is funding Fresno State to conduct a bee forage study.  Research seeks to determine if expanded pollen sources will help enhance bee nutrition, reduce devastating effects of Colony Collapse Disorder. Click Here to read the full article.

New Virus Linked to Bee Colony Collapse Disorder

A rapidly mutating virus has leaped from plants to honeybees, where it is reproducing and contributing to the collapse of colonies vital to the multibillion-dollar agricultural industry, according to a new study. Read More…

Cotton Industry Perspective on Pollinator Protection

The US Cotton Industry is actively involved in pollinator protection.  Click Here to read about cotton industry efforts in pollinator protection and for an excellent summary of ongoing pollinator protection activities in the US. To watch a related video Click Here.

Oversight Hearing on the Bee Colony Collapse Disorder

Oversight Hearing on the Bee Colony Collapse Disorder California State Assembly On 16 Oct 2013, Luis Alejo, Chairman of Environmental Safety and Toxic Materials & Agriculture, led a California assembly hearing on the current state of bees and overall strategy for improving bee health and sustainable practices.  Below is a summary of the 3-hour hearing.  […]

PAm promotes forage project

PAm promotes forage project at almond meeting in Sacramento:

Chemtura discusses BMPs for Dimilin Use

Click the link to watch:  AgNeTVideo: Chemtura

Honey Bees and Pesticides

Honey Bees and Pesticides, Dr. Eric Mussen Honey bees have been exposed to bee-toxic chemicals probably since the beginning of their existence.  Early on, those toxins were naturally occurring, plant-protective compounds secreted in nectars, pollens, and resins or by microbes working in their environments.  Over time, the bees worked out their differences with nature and have […]

Effect of Pristine on Queen Development

Reed Johnson, The Ohio State University, has published an article on the effect of Pristine on queen development. Read the article Here.

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